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                  Welcome to Ndinawe,
                  a Youth WITH ART
                  film series

                  Join us
                  December 5, 4-6pm
                  for our annual
                  Holiday Open House!

                  Click here to learn more

                  Kathleen Richardson

                  Andris Taskans

                  WINNIPEG's PUBLIC ART
                  with this
                  FREE GUIDEBOOK
                  available around the City 
                  at librairies, galleries,
                  museums, hotels, and more...

                  2020 Project Grants: Deadline February 4, 2020

                  Photos from Mass Appeal 2019

                  Browse photos from the 2019 Mayor's Luncheon for the Arts!

                  Read the Winnipeg Arts Council's 2018 Annual Report here!

                  Visit Winnipeg's
                  Public Art Gallery

                  Have you ever wondered where the arts occur in Winnipeg?

                  Indigenous Artists & the Winnipeg Arts Council

                  Access to WAC Office

                  New Public Art
                  is always in the Works!

                  Watch our Art Matters video series!

                  WAC Arts Billboard
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